Life saving treatment for sepsis

SurvivX is an early-stage biotech company developing a pharmaceutical product for the treatment of sepsis.

Sepsis is one of the largest causes of admissions to the intensive care units in hospitals (11% in high income countries). The chance to die from sepsis after admission to the ICU is 30 to 40 procent in Dutch hospitals – worldwide, these figures are even higher. The pressure of sepsis on the healthcare system is strong, the disease is associated with very long hospitalizations, intensive care and remaining physical and mental consequences for survivors.

We have a revolutionary new approach towards improving the outcome of sepsis. We are developing a unique immune enhancer, which we call SUR-101, and is intended as a novel immune stimulating therapeutic in sepsis patients with signs of immune suppression.

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How to become part of our journey

We are a young company, and we are full of ambitions. Here is how you can contribute:

Join us as a partner for development

We are looking for partnerships with researchers in the field of immunology and pharmaceutical development, not-for-profits and commercial parties to further develop our business.

Invest in our next stages of development

To fund the development of SUR-101, SurvivX plans to apply for non-dilutive grants and is actively looking for equity investments by smaller and larger private, corporate, and venture capital investors.

Start working for our company

SurvivX is seeking talented people to strengthen our team for the next stages of development from 2024 onwards. If we have current vacancies, they are listed below. But you can always submit an open request, so contact us!

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