SurvivX CEO invited as keynote speaker at Hollandbio Event

To celebrate the arrival of a new ‘Customized Health’ program from Hollandbio, and event has organised called “Biotech Wednesday” on November 15. Our CEO, Remko van Leeuwen has been invited as keynote speaker for the event

Hollandbio believes it is high time for a radically different approach within healthcare. Customization is the future! This requires a significant investment in progress – whether in the field of diagnostics, disease models, medicines or vaccines. A selection of biotech leaders will share how they contribute to a future in which customized health is possible. Our CEO Remko van Leeuwen is one of the invited key note speakers. His presentation will inform the the public about preventive innovations. Why are these so crucial, and why is it so terribly difficult to develop a new antibiotic or vaccine and successfully bring it into practice? More information and registration for the event via the website of Hollandbio

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