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We develop an exiting technology based on empirical evidence, inspired by nature and we would like the world to know about this. Here is an overview of our communication to the world.


SurvivX CEO invited as keynote speaker at Hollandbio Event

To celebrate the arrival of a new 'Customized Health' program from Hollandbio, and event has organised called "Biotech Wednesday" on November 15. Our CEO, Remko van Leeuwen has been invited as keynote…
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SurvivX highlighted during summit with Netherlands PM Mark Rutte in India

Our novel sepsis treatment, called SUR-101, which we develop collaboratively by the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms (C-CAMP) and the Institute of Life Sciences in India, was official licensed to Dutch…
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Financiering voor SurvivX: verder onderzoek naar medicijn voor de behandeling van sepsis

Met een investering vanuit het Vroegefasefinanciering Gelderland kan het Nijmeegse SurvivX verder met de ontwikkeling van een medicijn tegen sepsis.
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